Dundee Tourist Information You Should Know About

Whether it’s by car or train, as you approach Tay Road Bridge, you’ll start to know why the river is called Silvery Tay. The city is located right on Scotland’s east coast. It sits right on the firth of Tay.

The fourth largest city in Scotland is Dundee. It’s also one of the gorgeous cities in the country and driving across the bridge allows you to see Law Hill. This is an extinct volcano that the city is built around and you can drive your vehicle to the top of it. Once at the top, you’ll have an amazing view of Dundee.

Dundee is the sunniest city in Scotland and it enjoys over 1,300 hours of sunshine annually. The city has the title “City of Discovery” and this comes from the oldest surviving ship in the United Kingdom. That ship is the HM Frigate.

Jute, Journalism and Jam are the what Dundee is known for, but the Jute & Jam industry does not have a strong presence in the city anymore. However, there are still towers you can see, and these towers are associated with the Jute & Jam industry. If you want to learn about the industry, then visit Verdant Works.

The marmalade made in the city was pioneered by the Keiller of Dundee. They came with a shipload of oranges. They were not able to sell the oranges, so Janet Keiller used her knowledge to create marmalade.

Even though Jute and Jam are not made in the city, journalism still thrives. One company started as a branch of the Thompson’s businesses. David Couper Thomson took over the family’s publishing company in 1884 and in 1905, the company was established as DC. The firm grew and today it produces millions of comics and magazines annually.

The city is a university town and the is a student population of around 30,000. Since there are so many students, the city has a great pub and club scene. Fat Sam’s and London Night Club are a few of the most popular clubs in the city.

Due to its low pollution levels and clean air, as well as high sunshine hours and riverside location, Dundee ranks high in quality of life. The city is home to two major shopping centers, with one being Overgate and the other being Wellgate. The city is home to excellent shops. This is why shoppers from the nearby areas are attracted to Dundee.

The Broughty Ferry is one of the best beaches in the United Kingdom. Not only that, but Dundee is a great place to start a tour of Scotland, as many of the country’s top attractions are located 100 miles or less away. These attractions include Loch Ness, Kenmore and Loch Earn. The other major cities, including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen are only about an hours drive away.

Twenty minutes from the city is where you’ll find Carnoustie and St Andrews, which are home to championship golf courses. There are also three country parks within a few miles of the city, and the city is home to the Dundee Repertory Theatre. As for hotels, there are three main ones, which include the Swallow Hotel & Queens, Hilton Hotel and the Apex City Quay. There are many hotels that are smaller than those and lodges and inns you can stay at, and they are great got those who are on a tight budget.

Glamis Castle is thought to be haunted because of an ancient curse that was put on it, so make sure you visit it. Also, Glamis is home to the Angus Folk Museum, which is one of the best museums in Scotland. There are two football teams that play for the city, and some people believe that the two teams, which is Dundee and Dundee United, should merge into one. However, this depends on who you asks because people have a strong opinion about this.

You have to visit St Andrews beach too and right on the beach front is where you’ll find a golf course, but make sure you visit the British Golf Museum while in St Andrews. As for hotels in St Andrews, you can stay at the MacDonald Russacks Hotel, and you can visit St Andrews Castle, which is now in ruins and it was built sometime in the 13th century. As you can see, there are many places to visit in Dundee and the surrounding area, so book a trip to Dundee today and enjoy all that it has to offer. You will love it there and you will not want to leave.

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