This Site Can Help You Understand Health News

There is a lot of news about health and this can leave people feeling overwhelmed. The good news is there is a website called and it provides medical and health news. However, the stories it provides on the site are graded based on completeness, accuracy and balance.

The website takes a look at evidence that is made by news stories or any other source, according to Gary Schwitzer, a professor at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism. He is also a publisher of the site, and he said readers of the site will become smarter consumers of news. He added that visitors to the site will become better consumers of health care.

There are reviewers at the site and they take a look at the health stories that are published in the country’s top 50 newspapers, as well as Associated Press wire services, evening network newscasts and weekly news magazines, and they do it using a standardized rating system. The team includes researchers, public health professionals, journalists and medical health professionals. The website is funded by a nonprofit group, called Informed Medical Decision Making, and the website doesn’t offer users medical advice, but it does allow them to decipher news about health claims.

Jack Fowler, the president of the non-profit group, said his organization believes that consumers should have access to accurate information and unbiased info when it comes to making medical decisions. He said the media plays a huge role in how information is consumed. He added that the website is an extension of his group’s mission.

The website has implemented a star system that is used to rate stories based on the novelty of the stories and the availability of the idea, as well as costs of treatment and procedure. It also rates based on the sources that are developing the stories and the quantification of the benefits of a procedure or treatment. Those are a few of the things taken into consideration when stories are being rated.

The site covers many topics related to heath and this includes everything from breast cancer research to PSA tests and the value those tests provider. The site reviews stories in the news if they have made therapeutic claims about vitamins, specific treatments, screening and diagnostic tests and so forth. The site looks at stories on a daily basis.

Does this site sound interesting? If so, then visit it today. You will love it and you’ll be impressed with it.

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