5 Belated New Year Resolutions

I usually don’t like doing new year resolutions because of the oh-so-familiar disappointment I have at myself at the end of each year. But mostly it is also because I don’t want to feel forced to accomplish anything. But this year, I want to be a better journalist. No more joking around, no more excuses!

1. Start Telling Stories

In the past few months as a trainee journalist, I have unintentionally focused most of my time in learning to structure my writing and my articles; the inverse pyramid, the “golden quotes” and all the other “must-have”s in a well-graded quality article. Even on this website, you can see many articles with a forced Hard-News tone, or an overdose of an attempt to sound objective. And the more I read about what I wrote last year, the more I realise that my “voice” was lost. I can hardly recognise my own articles anymore because I wasn’t focusing on telling the stories, but on technicalities. So this year, as well as trying hard to maintain a mistakes-free style of writing, I am going to put more effort into what matters. I want to write with a voice that I recognise and that I can be proud of.

2. Specialise. Find A Clear Goal

I have given myself quite some time in the past year to try writing on different topics. While it is good to try to know everything, I must admit it is impossible to achieve, as much as anyone hates to admit (WHAAAAT? I can’t be perfect?). So this year, I will have to find a clear goal of what I write about and specialise. I am formulating a few ideas at the moment and hopefully by the end of this year, or even earlier, you will come to my site because you know I know my stuff 😉

3. Visualise : be an eye-candy

So far, I am happy about the way my site looks: it has strayed away from the typical WordPress layout and has a bit more of my character in it, although I am still a bit unsure about the colour scheme. Well, I am still a computer idiot. In the year to come, I hope to provide you with more visual temptations: more videos, photos and media interaction, so it is not an eyesore for you to read, what should be, something deliciously, mouthwateringly sustantial!

4. Write Everyday

Yep – it is the same old tune. Blame it on the lack of time or just simple laziness? In 2011, I will write something you want to read everyday. Whether it is 50 words or 500 words, I shall concur!!!

5. Learn German

As simple as that.


So dear fellow journalists, beloved family and friends, strangers who stumble upon my site (thank you for visiting and please read more!), let’s see how many star stickers I can give myself the same time next year!

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