About Blogging

Have you ever asked yourself why it seems as if most teens nowadays have an addiction to the internet? Well, it is because it is packed with everything that their young minds want to explore. From surfing the web from school researching, cooking, shopping, chatting, gaming , and everything else that is being offered by a website.

Yes, this and so much more, even the secluded part of a teenager´s life; their journal. But don’t take my word for it, why don’t you try getting online and seeing everything that is now being offered.

Other than being a way in which a reader is able to see what is on the mind of the author, a blog allows for the elaboration of facts or the jotting down of any idea that just pops into their head. A blog is a short way of saying `web blog´ which is the new generation medium of writing essays, articles, statements and more.

Generally, they are made up of texts, multimedia topics or at times pictures. If you have had it with writing every single detail of your life down on paper, then you too can try out this new trend in journalism that is known as blogging. Literally what blogging means is sharing life comments via the internet.

It is a source that is up-to-date, a sequence of events, an exhibit if style and creativity that is timeless, a personal outlet.

There are different areas that provide the blog with popularity. Anyone is capable of writing whatever comes to their minds, Whether a hike during a pleasant sunny day, a dip into a waterfall, it is in essence a diary which can be easily updated. The great thing about blogging is that it is inexpensive and not bounded by editing.

A writer’s instinct to be able to create an article that is worthwhile is what the commercial velocity of the blog depends on. Whether it be informative or formative, irrational or rational, as long ar readers are able to visualize what has been posted by the author, the blog is a hit.

There is no need for technical skills or specialties. An advantage is publishing freedom. All that you need is a desire to share ideas and a bit of your personal story, a witty mind and some basic knowledge of how to work the internets. There is no a problem with grammatical errors, you are not aiming to please editors or publishing companies. In essence, this is journalism, many the rules and guidelines and the best thing is that readers are able to post their comments and perhaps become inspired to write their own blog.

With the correct recipes, blogging will not be difficult. A blog does not have to be a simple text article, it can be enhanced and turned onto other things such as video or audio blogs. Blogs nowadays tend to be more advanced and sophisticated. The blogs element commences with a headline that is captivating and goes and goes on into the personal profile of the author. In this what is included is the blog post, permalink, (shorter way of saying “permanent link”), and of course, any reader comments.

I have a friend who is a blogger, she found it entertaining to post blogs on her website. She told me she saw blogging as a way in which she could communicate with the world about the things she kept inside. She stated; “I am an internet junkie”. I am not particularly fond of journalism or writing in general.

That however all changed when the blogging fever hit the internet society. When I felt as if everything that is being written is in some sense real and not a mere decoy to offer information, I learned to appreciate it. That’s when I became a part of the much bigger picture.

Caught up in a world of unsolicited opinions, blogging is quite beneficial. Everything does however have its own consequences. It is much harder to manage a blog than a broadcast media. When it comes to issues that are politically sensitive, blogs can be seen as a political misfit. The end result was the suppression and punishment of bloggers, the issue of liability and defamation is another serious case.

That being said, blogging still exists, so if you have a knack for writing, blogging is worth a shot. You have no idea how much you will be able to offer society as well as fuel your personal pockets.

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